We’re all have a different path. Nothing has the same path between one and another. So, we’re all unique. We’re all struggling in our own path. A path that we sure have its end. Has the high and low. Has a bumpy and straight line. We just have to enjoy it. Whether we slowly walk it down or we swiftly drive it with a turbo car, that course remains the same. Reach the aim. Sometimes, when we see others path, a kind of thought pops up from our mind, ‘Oh great, she has an easy path, she gets everything she wants effortlessly, there are barely bumps on her path, that’s a bit unfair to me!’ that’s what kept me ungrateful, muttering about my own life. Which was a big mistake I’ve ever made. 

One thing I just realized, I never be in somebody’s path. i never know how easy or even how hard she has been through it. And I will never know, because that’s not gonna be my own path. and that will never be. i have to throw away all the negative things in my mind. All I need to do is simple enough, don’t give a damn about everything else and let’s focus to your aim. i just have to run my own path. i do need to look around sometimes, take a sight, but it should not slow me down. It should motivate me instead. So, I know exactly that I have to change my mind, change my perspective. My point of view. Keep positive. Take a good thing as a good example, and take a bad thing as something you have to learn from. Just enjoy the journey, because if something is destined to you, never in a million years it will be for everybody else. I just have to work my hardest to get it. And maybe if i'm lucky enough, i won’t run the rest of this journey on my own.